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Our company Ningbo Jialin Electronics Co Ltd is located close to Ningbo Port with an area of 10 000 square meters and project investment up to 1 25 Million dollars by Hong Kong Jialin Industry Company We have more than 45 years experience in producing Micro switch Our registered trademark is DONGHAI We own 100K class DUST FREE WORKSHOP automatic assembly lines precision automatic test equipments 250 sets automation equipment and a knowledgeable technical team Our company is IATF16949 ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified Our products have approvals of UL cUL VDE TUV CE KC ENEC DEMKO SEMKO CQC safety regulation and RoHS compliant Our products are widely used in various fields Military industry...

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SPDT NO NCPush SwitchTilt SwitchMicro SwitchMagnet SwitchSealed SwitchRocker SwitchSafety SwitchRotary SwitchRotating SwitchPush Switch 10ASwitch For ToysRed Push SwitchRed Micro SwitchKnob Push SwitchBlue Push SwitchPush Switch KnobMicroswitch Ip67Mini Mouse SwitchMicro Switch SPDTMicro Contact GapBlack Push SwitchCars Micro SwitchKey Stroke SwitchRocker Switch 10AMicro Push Switch3PIn Micro SwitchGreen Push SwitchPush Light SwitchCar Rotary SwitchMini Micro SwitchRed Rocker SwitchEnec Micro SwitchMicro Switch Ip67Ip67 Micro SwitchBoat Rocker SwitchMicro Touch SwitchRotary Snap SwitchON OFF PUSH SWITCHMicro Lever SwitchBrown Micro SwitchBasic Micro SwitchIp67 Rotary SwitchBlack Micro SwitchRocker Switch IP55Push On Off SwitchPush Button Switch3 Pin Micro SwitchSealed IP67 SwitchMicro Switch MouseDual Rocker SwitchMicro Switch BlackMicro Power SwitchMicro Limit SwitchSmall Micro SwitchMini Rocker SwitchPush Switch ON OFFMicro Switch BrownDouble Pole SwitchMicro Switch LockedMicro On Off SwitchHood Locking SwitchStable Sealing IP60White Rocker SwitchRoller Lever SwitchRotary Switch BalckSealed Micro SwitchBlack Stroke SwitchSmall Rocker SwitchSqure Rocker SwitchBlack Rocker SwitchSmall Rotary SwitchRotary Switch PriceSafety Micro SwitchRotary Limit SwitchSafety Limit SwitchRound Rocker SwitchPower Rocker SwitchMicro Rocker SwitchRound Rotary SwitchRotary Power SwitchMicro Switches TypesRotary On Off Switch2 Pole Rocker SwitchSelector Switch IP67Double Rocker SwitchSingle Rocker SwitchHigh Speed OperationSealed Rocker Switch2 Pole Rotary SwitchSquare Rocker SwitchSquare Rotary SwitchMicro Contact SwitchSealed Rotary SwitchON OFF Rocker SwitchSwitch For Door LockMicro Switch CompanyDoor Micro Switch 10AMicro Selector SwitchMicro Magnetic SwitchSPDT Momentary SwitchSealed Locking SwitchMicro Switch For ToysWireless Micro SwitchMini Micro Switch 10ADustproof IP60 SwitchSelector Micro SwitchSensitive Mini SwitchIp60 Dustproof SwitchDustproof Mini SwitchAutomotive Push SwitchPush Button Switch 10ASwitch For Power ToolsElectrical Door SwitchSelector Switch SealedMultifunctional SwitchMicro Switch Long LifeCustom Rocker SwitchesPush Switch Key StrokeMiniature Micro SwitchSwitch With Long LeverIP67 Waterproof SwitchAutomotive Switch PushCentral Locking SwitchMiniature Switch MouseSwitch Pruning MachineLong Life Micro SwitchMicro Momentary SwitchSealed Switch For BikeMicro Switch 3 Pin PCBDustproof Micro SwitchMushroom Button SwitchPush Button Switch RedRed Double Poles Switch2Position Rocker SwitchPush Button Switch LampMouse Mini Micro SwitchHeavy Duty Micro SwitchMini Push Button SwitchLong Life Rotary SwitchLong Lever Micro SwitchElectronic Micro SwitchDust Proof Micro SwitchGame Push Button SwitchSmall Size Micro SwitchMicro Switches For SaleBlue Push Button SwitchRocker Switch MomentaryUltra Small Size SwitchHairdryer Rocker SwitchON OFF ON Rocker SwitchSwitch Grey Rapid ResetWaterproof Micro SwitchPush Switch Green LightBoat MINI Rocker SwitchRocker Switch ON OFF ONRocker Switch HairdryerMicro Switch WaterproofMicro Switch Mouse SPDTGreen Mini Micro Switch10A Round Rocker SwitchDouble Pole Micro SwitchMini Rocker Switch BlackOn Off Key Stroke SwitchAutomotive Switch On OffWaterproof Rocker SwitchIp67 Sealed Micro SwitchWater Proof Micro Switch3 Position Rotary SwitchSwitch With Hinge RollerLong Hinge Roller SwitchPush Button Switch SqureENEC Certificated SwitchBlack Brown Micro SwitchLight force Micro SwitchSwitch Door Locking TypeMicro Switch Normal OpenAuto Motive Micro SwitchPush Button Switch GreenHigh&Low Pressure SwitchSealed Switch With WiresWhite Light Force SwitchAutomotive Rocker SwitchMicro Limit Switch TypesSqure Mini Rocker SwitchPush Button Switch TypesSnap Action Micro SwitchSmall Push Button SwitchMicro Switch Double PoleIP67 Design Micro SwitchGreen Push Button SwitchMicro Switch Light ForceHigh Button Micro SwitchIP67 Micro Switch SealedMicro Push Button SwitchPower Tools Micro SwitchMicro Switch Power ToolsMiniature Switch BlenderSealed IP67 Micro SwitchSealed Micro Switch IP67White Push Button SwitchBlack MINI Rocker SwitchWhite MINI Rocker SwitchWaterproof Sealed SwitchMini Type Switch For CarsDustproof Micro Switch ULHinge Roller Micro SwitchMicro Switch Locked BlackSwitch With Bend TerminalLocked Black Micro SwitchSwitch Mouse Normal CloseShort Hinge Roller SwitchHinge Roller Lever SwitchDustproof Selector SwitchSubminiature Micro SwitchBlack Round Rocker SwitchHigh Current Micro SwitchRound Black Rotary SwitchRocker Switch Clear GearsMicro Door Locking SwitchPush Button On Off SwitchYellow Push Button SwitchTubular Motor Switch GreyRotary Switch Balck RoundSingle Pole Rotary SwitchPush Button Switch YellowDouble Pole Rocker SwitchMicro Switch Limit SwitchSwitch For Home ApplianceSingle Pole Rocker SwitchHood Locking Micro SwitchSealed Micro Limit SwitchElectronics Rotary SwitchMicro Switch Normal CloseOn Off Push Button SwitchBlack Squre Rocker SwitchRocker Switch Push ButtonPCB Terminal Micro SwitchSwitch For Electric PartsDouble Poles Micro SwitchStable Sealing IP60 SwitchElectrical Rocker SwitchesDustproof Miniature SwitchQuick Connect Micro SwitchSPDT MiniatureMicro SwitchMicro Switch For ApparatusSqure Rocker Switch on offIP67 Switch Electric BrushSealed Switch Door LockingStraight Leaf Lever SwitchCompact Size Rotary SwitchMicro Switch Quick ConnectWaterproof Switch For BikeMulti Circuit Micro SwitchMiniature Micro Switch 10ANormally Open Micro SwitchDustproof Mini Type SwitchMicro Switch Special LeverRotary Switch Compact SizeSub Miniature Switch MouseDouble Throw Rocker SwitchBlack Dryers Rocker SwitchSquare Black Rotary SwitchPush Switch Key Stroke RedWaterproof Switch For MotorLong Life Mini Micro SwitchRocker Switch White HousingMulti Function Micro SwitchGlove Locking Switch SwitchKey Stroke Push Switch BlueGreen Push Button Switch 6AMushroom Button Mini SwitchMini Switch Pruning MachineWaterproof Dustproof SwitchMicro Switch Screw TerminalElectric Micro Switch WhiteNew Design Dustproof SwitchDustproof Electrical SwitchAutomotive Electrical PartsSwitch Household AppliancesDustproof Mini Micro SwitchMultifunctional Mini SwitchMicro Switch Black ElectricPush Switch Key Stroke BlueMicro Switch Long Lever ArmTriangle Push Button SwitchBrown Electric Micro SwitchMomentary Dust Proof SwitchElectric Micro Switch BrownMushroom Push Button SwitchMicro Miniature Slide SwitchIP67 Sealed Dustproof SwitchSingle Pole Speed Fan SwitchPush Button SPDT Snap ActionNormally Closed Micro SwitchSwitch For Automatic MachineMiniature Snap Action SwitchIp67 Waterproof Micro SwitchDust Proof Mini Micro SwitchPush Button Switch Lamp GameMiniature Mouse Micro SwitchAutomotive Electrical SwitchMultifunctional Micro SwitchBasic Miniature Micro SwitchMushroom Button Micro SwitchWaterproof IP67 Micro SwitchMiniature Push Button SwitchUltra Miniature Micro SwitchMini Switch For Hand BlenderHigh Current Micro Switch ACElectrical Door Micro SwitchElectric Subminiature SwitchDustproof Micro Switch 300gFBlack Dustproof Micro SwitchGreen Multifunctional SwitchHigh Current AC Micro SwitchMini Micro Switch Mouse SPDTMiniature Micro Switch GreenMini Backdoor Locking SwitchGreen Push Button Switch 10ASelector Door Locking SwitchRocker Switch Crisp HandfeelWaterproof Micro Switch IP67Micro Switch For Power ToolsGreen Push Button Switch LampMicro Switch For Hand BlenderENEC Certificated Mini SwitchWaterproof Push Button SwitchHigh Sensitivity Black SwitchInstant Heating Faucet SwitchMulti Circuit Function SwitchMomentary Round Rocker SwitchRound Rotary Switch Long LifeSmall Size Micro Switch MouseWaterproof Micro Limit SwitchWhite Mini Boat Rocker SwitchBlack Rotary Switch Long LifeSpecial Function Micro SwitchSwitch Agricultural EquipmentIP67 Waterproof Sealed SwitchMomentary Dust Proof SwitchesMicroswitch Long Roller LeverWaterproof Sealed IP67 SwitchMultifunctional Double SwitchIP67 Switch For CommunicationLeft Side PCB Terminals SwitchMicro Switch Sealed WaterproofSealed Micro Switch WaterproofSwitch with Hinge Roller LeverSubminiature Micro Switch SPDTMini Boat Rocker Switch On/OffLight Force Micro Switch WhiteSealed Waterproof Micro SwitchHigh Sensitivity Rotary SwitchDownside Terminal Micro SwitchHigh&Low Pressure Switch BlackUltra Small Size Sealed SwitchLong Hinge Roller Micro SwitchMini Subminiature Micro SwitchMicro Switch Long Roller LeverHigh Reliability Rotary SwitchRotary Switch High SensitivitySwitch Backdoor Locking SwitchMini Micro Switch For ComputerSwitch Simulated Roller 18.9mmHood Locking Waterproof SwitchMicro Switches 27mm Long LeverRocker Black Switch For DryersR Lever Miniature Micro SwitchMiniature Micro Switch R LeverDryers Black Rocker Switch 10ASealed Micro Switch With WiresEnec Certification MicroswitchSealed Micro Switch Wires TypeMicro Switch Black High ButtonWaterproof Sealed Micro SwitchNew Design Micro Switch LockingSubminiature Mouse Micro SwitchMicro Switch Short Roller LeverUltra Subminiature Micro SwitchElectrical Door Mini Switch 10ASwitch Automotive Control PartsHairdryer Switch Crisp HandfeelMicro Switch for Home ApplianceShort Metal Hinge Roller SwitchDustproof Switch For AutomotiveDustproof Micro Switch for DoorRound Rocker Switch Push ButtonShort Roller Lever Micro SwitchBlack Rocker Switch Push ButtonAutomotive Control Micro SwitchMicro Switch Mouse Normal CloseHinge Roller Lever Micro SwitchElectric Basic Miniature SwitchPush Button Round Rocker SwitchRotary Switch With PCB TerminalsMicro Switch Squre Bend TerminalMicro Switch Bakelite Housing ACLong Life Multifunctional SwitchTriangle Push Button Switch LampOffice Equipment Electric SwitchCar Dustproof Micro Switch BlackHigh Pressure Micro Switch BlackSmall Compact Size Rotary SwitchCompact Size Round Rotary SwitchDustproof Miniature Micro SwitchSealed Micro Switch Door LockingStable Sealing IP60 Micro SwitchSubminiature Sealed Micro SwitchMultifunctional Micro Switch 16ATubular Motor Switch Rapid ResetRocker Switch For Home ApplianceSensitive Miniature Micro SwitchMini Compact Size Locking SwitchDoor Locking Sealed Micro SwitchCustom Automotive Rocker SwitchesSwitch For Agricultural EquipmentDouble Pole Micro Switch 3Pin PCBDustproof Switch Simulated RollerWaterproof Dustproof Micro SwitchMiniature Micro Switch 17mm LeverInterruptor Micro Switch 16A 250VMultifunctional Mini Micro SwitchRocker Switch With Waterproof CapBackdoor Locking Switch DustproofMicro Switch Electronic EquipmentElectronic Equipment Micro SwitchMicro Switch Household AppliancesRectangle Push Button Switch LampWaterproof Momentary Micro SwitchDustproof Backdoor Locking SwitchDustproof Micro Switch Black CarsMicro Switch Long Roller Lever ArmDouble Pole Miniature Micro SwitchSafety Approvals Mini Micro Switch3mm Contact Clearance Micro SwitchElectric Switch Short Roller LeverMini Switch Agricultural EquipmentMini Compact Size Dustproof SwitchGreen Micro Switch For Power ToolsGreen Multifunctional Micro SwitchHigh Speed Operation Rotary SwitchSilicone Ring Sealing Micro SwitchBasic Miniature Micro Switch WhiteNormal Size Dustproof Micro SwitchWaterproof Micro Switch With WiresMultifunctional Micro Switch GreenDustproof Subminiature MicroswitchInner Housing Tunnel Design SwitchDustproof Micro Switch For ElectricHousehold Appliances Micro SwitchesWaterproof Switch For CommunicationRocker Switch For Electrical DeviceDustproof Automotive L Micro SwitchDoor Locking Sealed Selector SwitchMicro Switch Multi Circuit FunctionSealed Micro Switch Central LockingSealed IP67 Micro Switch With WiresIP67 Micro Switch For Motor ControlSubminiature Dustproof Micro SwitchInstant Heating Faucet Micro SwitchClear Gears Hairdryer Rocker SwitchCentral Locking Sealed Micro SwitchDustproof Subminiature Micro SwitchSelector Door Locking Sealed SwitchSmall Compact Size Dustproof SwitchHairdryer Switch Electrical ContactMiniature Micro Switch Normal CloseMultifunctional Double Micro SwitchMicro Switch Agricultural EquipmentMultifunctional Subminiature SwitchQuick Connect Dustproof Micro SwitchSelector Switch Dustproof Mini MicroBlack Rotary Switch High SensitivityRoller Lever Electrical Micro SwitchElectrical Micro Switch Roller LeverMultifunctional Switch Special LeverSilicone Ring Dustproof Micro SwitchMini Switch Automotive Control PartsDouble Pole Micro Switch Power ToolsDust Proof Microswitch Quick ConnectMicro Switch For Household AppliancesAutomotive Control Parts Micro SwitchInner Housing Tunnel Dustproof SwitchWaterproof Micro Switch Glove LockingDouble Pole Double Throw Micro SwitchLeft Side Terminals IP67 Micro SwitchDouble Pole Subminiature Micro SwitchBlack Electric Basic Miniature SwitchElectric Miniature Micro Switch BlackShort Metal Hinge Roller Lever SwitchElectric Parts Dustproof Micro SwitchMicro Switch For Electronic EquipmentSwitch Short Metal Hinge Roller LeverOffice Equipment Electric Micro SwitchPruning Machine Multifunctional SwitchSubminiature Micro Door Locking SwitchSubminiature Micro Switch Normal CloseNew Design Subminiature Switch LockingMultifunctional Switch For Power ToolsWaterproof Switch For Office EquipmentLong Life Multifunctional Micro SwitchElectrical Contact Red Hairdryer SwitchMultifunctional Micro SwitchPower ToolsHigh Sensitivity Micro Operation TravelBrown Micro Switch Electronic EquipmentElectronic Equipment Micro Switch BrownGlove Locking Subminiature Micro SwitchMultifunctional Micro Switch Double PoleMultifunctional Doule Polei Micro SwitchSubminiature Dustproof Micro Switch Ip67Dustproof Micro Switch Door Locking TypeHousehold Appliances MINI Micro SwitchesLong Life Subminiature Mini Micro SwitchMultifunctional Double Pole Micro SwitchPower Tools Multifunctional Micro SwitchSealed Waterproof Dustproof Micro SwitchSubminiature Basic Miniature Micro SwitchQuick Connect Dustproof Mini Micro SwitchAutomotive Control Parts Dustproof SwitchDustProof Hinge Roller Lever Micro SwitchAutomotive Control Micro Switch DustproofMultifunctional Subminiature Micro SwitchSubminiature Switch For Automatic MachineMultifunctional Micro Switch Special LeverDustproof Micro Switch For Air-ConditionerSafety Approvals Subminiature Micro SwitchMultifunctional Mini Switch Pruning MachineRed Hairdryer Switch Electrical Contact RedWaterproof Micro Switch Straight Leaf LeverWaterproof Subminiature Micro Switch LockingReliability Dustproof Electrical Micro SwitchDustproof Miniature Micro Switch Quick Connect
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